Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Video Of The Week - Walking Poodle Turns Heads In China

This week we have been answering questions with our own ideas about this dog.
We had to answer these question below

Article Comprehension

  1. What according to the author is a common sight on the streets of Chengdu?
  2. How long did the poodle take to learn the trick?
  3. Why does his owner dress him in a skirt?

Critical Thinking Challenge

Some people believe it is cruel to make dogs perform tricks like these? What do you think? Why?

I found the critical thinking challenge hard because I really had to think deaply.

My answers were : 1 don't be suprised when you see a male poodle walking on its hind legs
2  2 months 3 because it is comfortable and easier for the dog to wear . Ctc I think it cruel because you are wasting money to buy dogs human clothes because dogs are not humans

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